Service description

Advanced site from scratch

Give us the idea and we will develop estimations and build the project. We offer a full cycle of development.

  • Layout (frontend)
  • Functionality (backend)
  • Testing
  • Project Management

Rent a team/developer

If you have your own team and only need some backend specialists? Hire our experts to handle your tasks and collaborate with your team:

  • Senior and Middle backend developers
  • Senior Tester
  • A dedicated development Team

Support and maintenance

We make sure your site functions properly all the time. We prevent downtime and issues by making periodic updates and health monitoring.

  • System updates
  • Health monitoring
  • Urgent issues fix

Core expertise

Travel business

We have learned to handle the pitfalls of travel industry. In particular, we are experts in apartments and ticket booking spheres, including typical APIs integration (like or Google Maps).
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Startup prototypes

We do a functional prototype to validate idea of your online business, attract investments or just start the ball rolling. Usually it takes us 1-4 weeks and $1000-4000.
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Receiving payments

We can enable your users to pay for your product online. Usually we do it with the help of the following payment systems: Stripe, PayPal, Bitcoin and any other local or custom one.
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hours commited



Our backend experts cat handle the most difficult functionality challenges.
  • Python (Django, Flask)
  • ElasticSearch, SphinxSearch
  • MySQL, Postgres, Mongodb, Redis
  • AWS, Digitalocean


Tend to stick to basic frontend on Twitter Bootstrap
  • Bootstrap
  • React.js
  • HTML5
  • CSS3, LESS

Code quality

Follow the best programming practices
  • Test Driven Development
  • Continuous Integration
  • PEP-8 style guide
  • Pyflakes, Pylint
  • Github, Bitbucket

Open Source

We've also made an open source contributions into: django, celery, django-social-auth, django-webtest, python-yandex-translate, django-jenkins, model_mommy, djangotemplate-i18n-lint, webservices.


Our current time is 21:43 (We are available from 9:00 till 21:00)