After long-time front end testing some people face lots of problems. When they finally leave their workplace some of them were even told to end up having goggle eyes. Yes, true story :)

Anyway, we decided to gather a few tips to make this work easy and more pleasant:

So it’s good practice not to test only new features, but provide smoke check as well (other pages, related areas) every time some changes were done.

2. There are a few instrument that can be used for testing:

  • MeasureIt! (chrome extension which helps to measure sizes and paddings on the page)

  • ColorZilla (chrome extension which helps to check colors on the page)

  • PerfectPixel (chrome extension that allows easily overlay a web composition (designed image) over top of the developed HTML.)

You can find analogues of this instruments for different browsers.

3. As far as I know, most developers use Chrome for work, so it is just an advice to test more thoroughly in Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Good luck!

Author: Kristina Lysiuk