We parse Facebook events in a certain city on Dede and enable easy filtering

Finally, the weekend has come. You do remember that over the week you were going to do something cool, but you struggle to remember what event it was? Or another situation: you want to have a nice date, but you can’t come up with a great idea? Or even worse: you do remember your friend mentioning something interesting to do, but you forgot what. And whose words it were… It happened to us lots of times too! That’s why we’re created http://dede.com.ua that gets all the events from Facebook in our city and sorts them by dates.

What is more, all events are structured, so you can view possible options for today, tomorrow, weekend, a week, or any date you would like to do something cool.


Also you can take a glance at detailed information about any meeting you are interested in.


We do appreciate your feedback and you are welcome to give suggestions or point out the fixes:
(screen of the second pages with details, where it is the button to reviews, mark it in the orange circle)

So stop googling your eyes out searching for interesting events and make planning your free time easy with Dede!

We are validating the idea in Kyiv, and it's already gaining its audience without advertising the site yet. Inform us if you want your city to be the next!