Before getting to the questions about the project start and its maintenance, you can review our article about why outsourcing to Ukraine is a good decision.

1. How do you approach development? What needs to be prepared to start the project?

To start a new project:

It mainly depends on what approach is more suitable for the project. If we go with Agile, we need to have:
-a backlog with the tasks of the first priority,
-a description of the project vision (a kind of an idea that we’ll keep in mind all the time to meet your expectations).

If it’s a fixed price project, we need to fix the scope. Thus, we need
-a specification document. We can work on it together if you want. If a client side hasn’t a programming specialist, we develop them by ourselves, involving a client in the discussion of the main functionality part but working out the details by ourselves. Specification document must be agreed on before the contract is signed. If you want to learn more about it, please read our article about perfect requirements

In both cases, we need to have a contract signed. We do our best to describe the way we collaborate as thoroughly as we can, to avoid any misunderstandings and be able to concentrate on the development only. Ways of communication, frequency of the reports, contact people, risk situations and many other moments. Write to us, and we’ll give you an example of the contract.

If it’s an existing project, we need:

  • transfer credentials;
  • investigate some time into the code investigation.

2. How much time does it take to launch a project development?

About a week or two. Of course, it depends on the project and your team availability. If we go with Agile, it usually takes a really small amount of time. If we need specifications to be developed, it adds time. For instance, for a two-week project we need a day to have the specs ready and, if the client is available, for them to make comments and accept. If the project requires some discovery, we estimate this effort separately.

3. How is the work checked/tested? How can I make sure that I’ve accepted a high-quality work?

Our code is covered with tests. It means that at least the basic functionality of your site or app is checked as a result of Test Driven Development. If we have enough time, we add tests for minor functionality as well.

We can also provide a tester to work on your project. We have a senior tester in our team, and she checks the project first by chunks, and then does a general testing to make sure everything works. If you decide to go without a tester before you get the work to check, our Project Manager will review it, but of course, a tester will provide a much more detailed analysis.

4. Do you guys take care of hosting setup and everything? Or we need to do it by ourselves?

It depends whether you want it, of course. But mostly we do it and it’s automatically included to our estimations. We also help our clients to choose the best hosting provider and tell which plan would be reasonable to subscribe for.

5. When do I get the access to the code?

If you go with Agile, you have it from the start. If you choose a fixed price, you get the code after the payment is made. We usually break the work into chunks and prefer receiving the payment in such a way as well. Thus, the risks for both sides are minimal.

Meanwhile, you can always evaluate our progress. First, we deploy the code to our development server, where we test and check. You can always enter and take a look. Moreover, we are very happy if you have time to review our intermediate results and make some comments on the go. Good news: we don’t charge for hosting for the dev version.

6. Do you usually setup https certificates and alike?

Yes, we also help to choose one and once you buy it or choose (if it’s free), we set it up by ourselves.

Often we advise using free and reliable initiative from Mozilla

7. Will my site be SEO optimized?

Yes: meta tags and sitemap will be organized.