There was a task to switch the interface language in Django, depending on the domain. On stackoverflow suggest using transylvania module that is too complex for such a simple task. To solve this problem, I decided to create a simple middleware, which would detect HTTP_HOST header and change the language depending on what domain was specified Django settings.

First of all let's create a simple dict in django

    '': 'en',

Where is a domain name, and 'en' the language code that you want to apply for this domain.

Let's write a simple middleware:

from django.conf import settings
from django.utils import translation

class DomainLocaleMiddleware(object):
    Set language regarding of domain
    def process_request(self, request):
        if request.META.has_key('HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE'):
            # Totally ignore the browser settings... 
            del request.META['HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE']

        current_domain = request.META['HTTP_HOST']
        lang_code = settings.LANGUAGES_DOMAINS.get(current_domain)

        if lang_code:
            request.LANGUAGE_CODE = lang_code

If the domain has not been specified in LANGUAGES_DOMAINS it will use the language by default.