Yuri and his car

The idea of controlling subjects with only thoughts has been attractive to me since my childhood. Who knows, maybe this dream is why I decided to enter the Radiophysics department… Now I want to present you with my first step on this way - a toy car that can be manipulated by your thoughts!

I had:

  1. Neurosky - headphones which can read encephalograms, with an additional bluetooth shield added. Thus, they are able to take the brain's indicators and classify them.

  2. Arduino.cc –a small scheme to program and fulfill some tasks. You can connect it to anything – engine, lamp – anything electrical.

My actions:

I – I connected Arduino program to the Neurosky headphones. Neurosky transmits the data to Arduino via Bluetooth. I just put there a small scheme of a Bluetooth shield. Then a signal in binary type format is processed on Arduino which has a small program on C. With the help of this program one can work with the data and classify it to meditation and attention. This information is transmitted to a small engine with a pointer. The data will also reach a PC.


ІІ – I used the signal received in Arduino for an additional function and now it can adjust the cars speed according to the set value.

ІІІ – (in process) The next step will be adjustment of the information in such a way that each pair of wheels reflected meditation and attention separately.


Watch a video about it: