Free projects are our demos, pet and inner projects that are available for free. Enjoy them and don't forget to provide a feedback!

Demo projects

Sometimes we cannot show off our skills because the projects where we applied them are under NDA. Our lawyer says that we won’t have cuadracopters for the New Year if we violate even one NDA, so we decided not to risk and came up with several small demo projects. You can also find here some wide spread cases of use of several technologies.

Django REST framework demo

Django REST framework helps us to make quick and reliable APIs for Django. It’ll be perfect for you if:
- you need to add an API to existing site,
- create cheap and fast backend from scratch so that your frontend developers don't have to wait

Elasticsearch demo

Here we demonstrate how we can implement robust and fast search tool Elasticsearch. If your site has a lot of items and needs to have a quick search with filters, robust Elasticsearch is a perfect tool to handle this. What is more, our demo can be still used on the sites that are growing as it's scalable.

See some notable users of this tool: Wikimedia, Mozilla, Amadeus IT Group, Quora, Foursquare, Etsy and many others.

Quick custom extension of Django models to push and update data in Elasticsearch index. Autocomplete and facets included.

React demo

With this demo we'd like to show that we are not only good at backend, but also polish our frontend skills in the technologies to meet today's demand. React JS, in particular, is developing fast making Angular fade day after day. Why? Because it's simpler and more flexible, because it fast and it's easier to avoid bugs here.

We're also in the process of creating Ironcoder frontend on React (this is our automatic Django sites generator). You can see how it goes on

Image comparison demo

This tool allows finding images of similar objects. It's especially useful if your site aggregates data and you don't want to provide user with similar images. We used it on which gathered the information about apartments from different sources. Sometimes one and the same one was published in different sources. Tolia wrote this in order not to bore users with the photos of same rooms, just a bit modified (cut, greyed, brighter etc). What is especially cool about that, we can adjust it to different needs. Make it more or less strict in its choses. Try it out: upload a bit modified pictures and see what happens.

Stripe demo

Stripe has quickly won a big part of the Payment systems niche. It's cheaper than PayPal, for instance, though provides even more opportunities. Multiple cards, bonus systems, advanced subscriptions... everything one needs for online payments. Moreover, we've made a small upgrade to manage plans via admin.


Snake for extraverts: enjoy growing your snake together with friends. More clashes, more dynamics and more fun.

  • avoid rocks and clashes;
  • grow fast;
  • reincarnate leaving a rock memorial for others to stumble upon and remember you:)

Snakepit is an open-source multiplayer snake game.
It is designed as a demo of asyncio library for Python 3.5.

Internal projects

Developers stop coding only when they sleep. To fill in the rest of the day time after the day of work, they go to work on their pet projects. Here are some of them for you to review:


A tool to generate Django projects. With its help develop the skeletons/prototypes or even complete MVP very quickly and qualitatively. As it provides Django code, it is scalable and any developer can build up on it to develop the site. Moreover, the code generated is already covered with tests.

You can find a sample demo project generated with it here


An app that parses Facebook stream of events for Kyiv and exposes them in a convenient way.

Find the events for today, tomorrow, weekends, all week or any date you are interested in, look at the detailed information about any of them, and do not forget to leave the feedback, because each suggestion is important for us.

By the way, can be fast implemented for any other city. Just tell us which one you want;)


Have you heard of Basecamp? A project management tool like Trello and a bit like Jira? Our Campstore is a Basecamp app that enables to keep statistics. With its help one can see: aha, this is how many closed tasks we had last month, these are our capricious violated deadlines, this is long term tasks progress... Everything in one place and for free unlike similar expensive tools.

Open Source commitment

Our developers love what they do and do it really well. That’s why they are making their contribution to the open source tools. Or, sometimes they get tired of the bugs somewhere, and fix them, fix them cruelly.