Expertize: Complex Sites upgrade and maintenance is an air tickets shop. When we started working with it, it had 2 APIs integrated: Travelfusion and Symphony. It also had widgets for the travel agencies. Our part was:

Iati API integration

IATI increased the offers number in about 0.5 times, including the most interesting ones for clients: cheaper and with more convenient routes.


Dealing with updates, legacy code and issues because of the payment system change. We also did some performance optimization, which implied splitting our load between multiple servers and optimize them intensively.


Technologies include MongoDB, Redis, Django, RabbitMQ, PostgreSQL.

Site optimization, making it faster and more efficient:

  • extensive profiling

  • review caching policies

  • balance load and increasing the overall search speed

  • optimization of the Mongo database


Other small improvements

Working with flight booking API is unique in a sense of timing. Caching cannot be used and results are useful only for few minutes.
Methods include FlightSearch, Price Detail, Order Detail, Ticket Request, etc.

Optimization of the widget for the agencies.

A small frontend task. We adapted the look of widgets to the new design of the site.

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