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to develop an advanced local clone of Pinterest from scratch.


The volume of data will never scare you off again! On the person’s signing in, one can export all large images from his social network or any other site with a click. Moreover, the pictures and photos are downloaded according to their place in a virtual automatically built line and above this - in the background mode. The library Django-Celery is found the most suitable for this task.


Hospitable Amazon. We use Amazon for hosting and enabling to scale easily.
Functions with no limits. You can type in the url, download and classify the large pictures. Want to share them with friends? Convenient buttons are always near you to enable this!

Localization. Both content and interface are available in three languages (2 for the second iteration). Moreover, when adding the pictures with their description, it can be translated with help of GoogleTranslate API.

Figures don’t sleep. The statistics is led: everything is counted including pictures, followers, etc.

Download even easier. Plug-in is going to be implemented for Mozilla and Chrome.
Desperate try. Interesting fact about this project is that first we tried to apply Ember.js here. However, after never-ending rigorous work, we understood that it is too raw and unstable to be used here. The project is not available online, we can only send this case. In the end, we returned to jQuery.


Iteration 2
On the second iteration, we added new functionality to the site on its backend. In particular, bookmark, feeds, videos management. Manage the Internet how it's the most convenient for you!





Google Translate

API Amazon

EC2 Postgres

Try out advanced image management or take a full control of your feeds, videos and bookmarks!