Expertize: Complex Sites Minimum Viable Product


to develop an advanced Q&A platform from scratch.

Fiscalista provides the anonymous communication with lawyers within their expert fields. The users can ask questions, send a request for a proposal or call, text, and book an appointment without concerns about their privacy.


  • Mobile first strategy.

  • Oriented at Spanish-speaking market. Thus, all the problems with Spanish symbols in the urls, names etc. are already tackled by our team.


  • Different ways of registration and convenient login for experts and users implemented. Google, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook authorisations are possible, as well as entering the site in a more conservative way – with an email+password.

  • Complicated logics. Different kinds of users have a certain set of actions possible in terms of registration, contacting other users etc. What is more, some functions are available only after certain actions are completed by a user/expert. Thus, this Questions and Answers platform provides different services for users and experts.

  • Particular payment system. Different user actions have an original payment system, but premium account is the best option. BrainTree is integrated.

  • Google calendar and iCalendar integrated.

  • Sendgrid helps to send email notifications for multiple moderators and site users.

  • The answering questions is so easy for the experts that they can do this just answering the email notification about the question asked and pay for it when it is convenient to enter the platform.

  • Users can invite their friends from their email address book and Google+ and earn platform money.


  • Each answered question can be shared in social networks.

  • Complicated notification system on the platform set up. For instance, a user gets a notification when any action is completed with his/her question.

  • Some social networks features. For instance, a user can like the answer to his/her question, an expert can agree with other expert’s answer etc.


  • Users can search for experts setting the necessary filters up.

  • Moderators on Fiscalista moderate questions, appointments, call back request - basically everything to keep the anonymity of its users.

  • Matching. Moreover, moderators choose the specialties of each question, like on the image, so that only the experts with the same specialties could answer this question. The expert specialties are set from admin.




Twitter Bootstrap

Calendar APIs

social network auth