Golinko Design Inc. site redesign

to redesign the web site implementing a ready new design.



Change and update with a minimum of clicks!
While improving the admin system, we have made it quite easier and more convenient to use. Each part and its constituents can be edited
separately. Instead of working with piles of text, administrator finds
the necessary category quickly and changes it without a single extra


Genius because easy.
Usually, one needs to use the Flash to create an original gallery. However, some accessibility issues can take place at mobile and some PC platforms. Contrasting to it, chosen CSS3 and JavaScript eliminates this problem. Furthemore, CSS3 is benefited at its most. Thus, the most part of galleries is written with its help as it is aimed at styles implementation. In such a way, it is not just faster but also more reliable.

Optimized for retina display.
We have taken into consideration the increasing tendency to use the devices with retina displays. That is why, all the images are optimized to adapt one’s screen peculiarities and provide the highest accuracy.

Fewer actions with the same results!
What is more, we have already benefited from HTML5 history API! The matter is it allows url changing with downloading only the needed content but not the whole page from the very beginning.

Fighting a war against the monotony.
We made our best to avoid the future routine work. For instance, we have customized the CKtextEditor to provide the usage of the site standard styles.
We have tests at each project.

Continuous integration is possible.
Continuous deployment is mostly available.




CSS3 and JavaScript

HTML5 history API

CKtextEditor tweaks