Purple Twig Site Redesign Implementation

to develop a web site with an advanced design from scratch.


Quality’s privileges. Custom font was used for pictograms and small images. It enables high quality in retina displays, mobile devices and any other devices. In addition, it optimises downloading speed as all the set of small pictures is loaded as one file.


Manage without a headache. Almost all the site content can be adjusted in admin panel.
Monetary issues resolved. STRIPE payment system is integrated.


Scrupulous work. There was a lot front-end work with small items. For instance, a footer is shown only when you scroll to bottom of the page. Besides, many details were foreseen by the customer. For instance, first click on the gallery item brings a page preview, while the second one on the already active item shows you the complete variant

Stripe integration




STRIPE payment system integration


Visit site and enjoy the intuitive design!